​Tendai (Tindo) is the owner of Cutindo Body Suds, LLC. She started experimenting with soapmaking in August 2015. She made the traditional castile, an olive oil soap, followed by more complex vegetable oil combination soaps. With each soap, she carefully analyzed the recipe and correlation between the recipe and the soap's physical appearance, scent, lather, and shelf life. 

In an effort to distinguish her soaps from other handmade soaps, she came up with idea of soap enrichment. This idea enabled her to make soaps that can do more than cleanse and smell good, but nourish the skin with vital skin health nutrients. She started doing more recipe improvements with 100% organic juices to complement the vegan oils she use to make her soaps. 

In preparation to launch Cutindo as a business, Tendai attended six weeks of entreprenuership classes offered annually by the Job Training for Beaver County, Inc. In April 2016, Tendai secured registration of Cutindo under the name Cutindo Body Suds, LLC. She started selling her soaps in November of 2016 at craft shows and is now targeting retail and online markets. The formative stages of Cutindo have been a roller coaster journey for Tendai but she is happy with the progress made this far. Tendai has a long-term goal of expanding into other skin care niches using the concept of enrichment. 

Tendai believes that infusion of natural plant juices to skin care products can generate safe nutritious skin care alternatives. With this approach, Cutindo hopes to grow to become the first choice provider for people’s daily hygiene, well-being, and beauty products. ​Tendai welcomes the opportunity to serve you well in your search for skin-friendly bath soaps.​

Tendai is married to Chengeto, a professional Chemist, with immense experience in product formulation from idea inception, through bench scale, to production, quality control, and commercialization. Chengeto uses his free time to support Tendai with technical aspects the business. Chengeto and Tendai are originally from Zimbabwe. 

The Cutindo Story

Our Journey - From Hobby to a Business Enterprise